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Three Rookie Mistakes All Food Addicts Make

Three Rookie Mistakes All Food Addicts Make

“How can you be addicted to food when you need food to live?”

“Just drink more water”

“I heard there is a pill that your doctor can prescribe to help”

“Try intermittent fasting”

If someone has said this to you – you are not alone.

Many people that are food addicted consider the advice of well meaning people, but there are mistakes that are made along the way. Learn the top 3 rookie mistakes that food addicts make and learn how to get on track.

It all starts with your mind and the thoughts that you think. So, let’s talk about what our “internal dialogue” is – and how to change it to get you the results that YOU want!!!

With Much Love,
Dr. Kirsten Grant
Transformational Health Coach

Founder: Phoenix Six, LLC
Creator: Edible Addiction

I am the creator of the first successful scientific study that helped plus size women learn to control overeating (even when they weren’t hungry) and food addiction.


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