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Hi, I’m Dr. Kirsten Grant, and I WANT TO HELP YOU lose weight, Get rid of emotional eating, & binge eating forever without diets, shame, or guilt!




“If you are thinking of working with Dr. Kirsten, DO IT. Just click that button and trust me. It is so transformational! Dr. Kirsten identified why I was feeling so stressed out and we tackled this during the first session. She gave me a personalized EFT script that really focused on my issue and just following her advice and tapping on myself, I’ve noticed that I was slowly resolving my issue and I was feeling less and less stressed. I highly recommend working with her! ”

— Genesis V

Most programs focus on the “willpower, calories in and calories out” model. Unfortunately, what people need is an integrative approach that addresses life’s curveballs that impact career, self-esteem, finances, health, family, spirituality, energy, and social life.

Dr. Grant holds a doctorate in Health Psychology and is certified in the most potent and innovative scientifically based methods created to help facilitate positive change – Sound Bath Therapy, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Clinical Hypnotherapy (to help with food cravings and reprogram your brain), Life Coaching, Health & Weight Loss Coaching, Yoga Teacher, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).

After losing her mother in 2016 to food addiction, emotional eating, and obesity, Dr. Grant created the scientifically proven Phoenix Six Method to address all of these issues at once and provide tools for lifelong success!  Dr. Grant discovered that losing weight is not about losing weight.  It is about losing what is weighing you down!

“I combine the world’s leading scientifically proven mindset techniques to teach you how to tap into your greatness and live unapologetically.

I know that we all have a certain degree of potential inside us, but sometimes it can feel as if external forces are keeping this hidden power from coming out on its own accord- Isn’t life just so much easier when these obstacles don’t stand in our way? Well not anymore! With my help (and through the usage of powerful tools like sound bath therapy, EFT Tapping, and the Phoenix Six Method), success will be guaranteed; whether at home or abroad–in business ventures or relationships!

Don’t take a chance on a “hope and a feeling.”  Choose something that is scientifically proven to WORK!”