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Has this happened to you????????

You found yourself at home from work with a handful of chips, then another, then another – until the whole bag was gone….

You lost a family member to food addiction, overeating, and bingeing….  And now you are afraid that you are headed down the same path….

You feel that you are truly struggling.  You weren’t always this way.  Growing up, weight and being healthy was important to you. There were occasions where you would binge, but you took care of yourself and you exercised daily.  Then you entered a relationship that didn’t serve you.  You lost yourself, you lost control, and by the time you left the relationship you had gained 30 pounds.  Then you became addicted to sugar.  You tried to restart a workout plan, but you don’t stay with it for longer than 2 weeks at a time.  You are at a point now where you don’t want to go backwards, but you haven’t been able to move forwards either….

You are afraid that your child is starting to follow in your footsteps…..

If this sounds like you:

  • You no longer have time, energy, or the “mental real estate” to:
  • Read another diet book
  • Try another diet book
  • Lose the weight
  • Gain it all back
  • Start from scratch ALL. OVER. AGAIN
Dr. Kirsten grant can help!!!

I’ve created the first successful scientific study that addressed food addiction and emotional eating – exclusively for overweight and obese women!!!  You can kick food addiction symptoms (overeating, food cravings, bingeing, emotional eating) in the butt!!!  Women in my scientific study have lost as much as 20 lbs in less than 6 weeks!!!

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