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is food addiction even real?  what is Food addiction?  how are food cravings and overeating a sign of food addiction?

Are you tired of overeating?  Is it possible that it could be more?  Do you want to know the truth?

Most importantly, do you want to know HOW.  TO.  STOP?

Click on the videos.  Learn about food addiction symptoms such as food cravings and overeating.  I even provide tips to help you stop overeating.

This video series serves as in introduction to the three signs of food addiction and how to handle the symptoms.

If you are ready to stop the your food addiction symptoms, the overeating, the emotional eating (because they are linked), the anxiety, and lose the weight – contact us!!


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Yes, I will make it ridiculously easy for you to reprogram your mind so that you can lose weight!!  

STOP letting your day be dictated by the number on the scale

LEARN secret ways to reprogram your brain to achieve your goals!!  

I have created the first successful scientifically based study to address food addiction symptoms.  In a six step by step modules, I will help you get out of your own way so that you can lose weight AND be able to handle the changes that life brings that trigger weight gain.  I cover the WHOLE YOU!!!  Lifestyle, career, relationships, financial tips that keep you from reaching your goals – and make you overeat!!

does this sound like you?

Life happens.  You lose the weight.  You gain it back.

You have an argument with your significant other.  Next thing you know you eat the whole bag of chips – or ice cream – or both.

You work hard at work – but you feel invisible.

You are invited to go out with friends, but you know that you can’t control yourself around food.  You know that you will overeat – so you stay home – again.

You rush home to peel off your clothes because they feel sooo tight and uncomfortable.

You don’t want to look in the mirror anymore….

learn how to MAKE THIS STOP – LOSE WEIGHT, – and still stay on track!!



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