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They Say That The Definition of Insanity…

Time Is Shorter Than You Think

Dr Kirsten Grant

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results…


But seriously, if you are doing the same thing, how can you expect anything but the same results?

This is why it’s so important to learn the tools that you need so that can improve your life.

You see, when you make a decision to improve your life, to truly start improving the way that you think and how your thoughts even occur to you – you act differently.  Your energy levels change.  Your ability to summon the control you need to overcome food addiction, overeating, and food cravings – transforms.


It is then and only then you start getting results

Change is possible.  It really is.  However, it originates with your internal thought process.  Your internal lens.  Your internal reality.


But it takes time.


Just as putting on the weight – it took time.


Just as you became accustomed to clothes not feeling comfortable – it took time.


Change doesn’t happen overnight.  Even the changes that we do not want currently in our lives – they took time.


Time for that habit to develop.


Time for that habit to become permanent.


Time for your mind to believe that this is the way that you are.


But I have news for you.


It also takes time – to reverse your habits.


To change the way that you look at food.


It takes time to “unwrap” the belief and the “roots” of the belief that tells you that you have to eat this way.  Or that “eating healthy is expensive” or that you are “big boned.”


And here is the problem.


We think that we have plenty of time.


If you have been listening to the news.  I’m certain that you are aware of the passing of Kobe Bryant.


He was 41 years old.


He was in the peak of health.


The same way you and I might hop into our cars to drive and pick up the kids – that was the way he used a helicopter.


I’m certain he thought he had more time.


We all do.


Now when my husband takes the kids to school in the morning, I tell him that I love him – and that I appreciate him.


I also shared with him when he came home that I appreciate him for who he is.




Because I always thought that I would have more time.


We both think that we have more time.


But do we – REALLY?


I don’t know what your goals are.


I don’t know what your “bucket list” is.


But if you are waiting to wear that “perfect” dress because you want to lose a few pounds – please don’t.


If you are waiting to tell your loved one how you feel – please don’t.


If you are waiting….


Just waiting…..


For that perfect time.


Know this.


The perfect time is now.


Because tomorrow is never promised……..


I will be speaking about this topic in more detail on next week’s Facebook Live – Monday, February 3rd at 10:00 am CST/11:00 am EST


Much love,

Dr. Kirsten Grant


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