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The Dr. Grant Show: Fitness Friday! Top 3 Belly Dance Moves of The Week

Welcome to The Dr. Grant Show:  Fitness Friday! Top 3 Belly Dance Moves of The Week

In today’s episode, I will be sharing with you my “Top 3 Belly Dance Moves of The Week.”

Did you know that workouts help prevent food cravings and binges?

However, most women that want to stop overeating and food binges have a hard time working out. Why – because they haven’t found a workout that inspires them!

They haven’t found a workout that takes them from thinking -“I HAVE to workout today” to “YES!! I’m going to workout today!”

The reality is, the only effective workout is the one that you will DO!!

Belly dancing, is a GREAT way to workout!


It’s fun!!!

You can play any music.

You can belly dance at home.

You can belly dance in your car (video coming soon).

You can belly dance with your kids.

You can belly dance ANYWHERE!

It is the ultimate and flexible form of exercise that feeds your soul while helping you get healthier and stronger.

In my health consulting practice, I work with women that suffer from food addiction, food binges, food cravings, and emotional eating by giving them the tools to reprogram their minds – and HAVE FUN!!

Belly dancing is one of the FUN parts of my practice!

LIVE online belly dancing classes are also included in our packages.

So, if you are looking for fun, effective, and FAST ways to healthier – then we should have a conversation.

Check out the link in my profile to schedule a time to chat!

In the meantime – shake your shimmy!!!!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the show – “The Dr. Grant Show” was created to help women that struggle with symptoms of food addiction such as overeating, food cravings, and emotional eating. This is because I lost my mother to food addiction.

My mother was so large when she passed away, we barely found a casket for her funeral. After her passing, once things settled down, I realized after seeing some of her journals that she didn’t have a problem with counting calories.  My mother knew what to eat. The REAL problem was that my mother was overcome with life’s challenges. She was simply overwhelmed.  My mother didn’t have the right tools to keep the right mindset when times started stressing her out.

I based “The Dr. Grant Show” on the Phoenix Six Method which is based on my scientific discovery that helped plus sized food addicted women overcome food addiction and learn how to control the urge to binge.

Join me 3 days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  If you want to have your questions answered, join us LIVE on Wednesdays on Instagram at 7pm CST.  Every episode is designed to help you learn how to achieve your goals.  I take you there – step by step.

Want more?  Then let’s talk about working together.

With Much Love,
Dr. Kirsten Grant