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The Dr. Grant Show: 3 Ways Tapping (EFT) Can Be Your Secret Weapon For Weight Loss

The Dr. Grant Show: 3 Ways Tapping (EFT) Can Be Your Secret Weapon For Weight Loss & Health

Many women that I meet are wonderful.



I see the light and the potential inside of them before they even tell me their life’s goals and dreams.


Often they wonder – WHY they can’t seem to stop overeating!

Why they have “slayed so many dragons” in their lives and overcome soooooo many challenges – yet the scale seems to be their last battle ground (and they confess to me that they feel like they are losing ground daily).

Amy contacted me and shared with me that she was feeling really depressed, disappointed, and just plain tired. She has been struggling for the last 8 months (so she felt that she couldn’t even blame the Coronavirus quarantine for her weight gain) just thinking about food. The only way she doesn’t gain more that she already weighs is that she will binge one day and then severely restrict her calories the next.
I shared with her that calorie restriction is NOT the answer.
Looking into mindset is the key.

Tapping (EFT) can be your secret weapon for weight loss and can help many women that struggle with overeating because it helps you get to the root of what is REALLY bothering you. Tapping (EFT) also helps you process your emotions and finally SEE a solution to your problem.  Imagine being able to do what you really want to do instead of turning to food for comfort.

Imagine what it would feel like to put the kids to bed and JUST RELAX – without engaging in a “mental wrestling match” – debating whether you should go to the fridge and eat, and eat, and eat…..

I want to share with you the ULTIMATE tapping for weight loss and health training so that you can learn how to deactivate the urge to food binge AND achieve clarity around what your TRUE goals!

You will also learn how to avoid key mistakes when you tap for weight loss so that you can get better results.

This training will be done LIVE so that each and every single lady can get recommendations specific to her challenges.

Contact me and I will send you the sign-up link to my new LIVE EFT Tapping Training “3 Ways Tapping (EFT) Can Be Your Secret Weapon for Weight Loss & Better Health.”

For Those Of You That Are Unfamiliar With The Show:  The Dr. Grant Show was created to help women that struggle with symptoms of food addiction such as overeating, food cravings, and emotional eating. This is because I lost my mother to food addiction.

My mother was so large when she passed away, we barely found a casket for her funeral. After her passing, once things settled down, I realized after seeing some of her journals that she didn’t have a problem with counting calories.  My mother knew what to eat. The REAL problem was that my mother was overcome with life’s challenges. She was simply overwhelmed.  My mother didn’t have the right tools to keep the right mindset when times started stressing her out.

I based “The Dr. Grant Show” on the Phoenix Six Method which is based on my scientific discovery that helped plus sized food addicted women overcome food addiction and learn how to control the urge to binge.

The Dr. Grant Show is designed to give women the tools to raise their consciousness around health, money, and what life CAN BE – with no revisions and with no compromises.

Based on crucial elements of psychology called Social Cognitive Theory, the Dr. Grant Show strives to raise women’s awareness of key mindsets and perceptions that may have been blocking them from their goals.  Once women become aware, the mind can never shrink back to what it was before.

I created The Dr. Grant Show and Edible Addiction because it is what I wish had existed for my mother and so many women like her.

The topics that I teach on this show are designed to encourage every woman to create the life that they want.  Pursue the health that they deserve.  Make their own rules along the journey.

Are you ready to create a better life for yourself?  A better world for your family?  For future generations?  Then it all begins with you!

Join me 3 days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  We even have LIVE shows on Wednesdays at 7pm CST on Instagram!

Learn how to achieve your goals.  I take you there – step by step.

Want more?  Then let’s talk about working together.

With Much Love,
Dr. Kirsten Grant