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The Must Use Technique to Successfully Remove Limiting Beliefs

Did you know that there are techniques designed to help people to move past limiting beliefs?

Did you know that a form of therapy called "Timeline Techniques" has been used to remove limiting beliefs


Limiting beliefs hold us back in so many ways.
1️⃣ From promotions at work.
2️⃣ Starting that business that we always dreamed of.
3️⃣ Showing up and being the wife, mother, friend, sister, or love, we want to truly be…

For some limiting beliefs – we know what they are – and we work to “move the needle.”

However, some limiting beliefs were imprinted on us when we were younger before we had a chance, with adult “eyes” to understand what we were experiencing at the time.

These limiting beliefs are like rampant computer programs that “activate” without our knowledge.
➡️ Sidetracking us.
➡️ Sabotaging us.
➡️ Keeping us from being happy.

An interesting area of psychology called “Timeline Techniques” is designed to help people identify limiting beliefs rooted in the subconscious mind that “activate” without our knowledge.

What would you do if you could discover the limiting beliefs that have held you back?

I’ve been working and training in this area of psychology and I must say that it is one of the most FASCINATING areas I’ve ever seen!

You see, overeating and giving in to food cravings ISN’T the PROBLEM. They are SYMPTOMS of the problem.

Symptoms of what’s triggering you to overeat – and the result is your body seeking a way to cope.

If we get to the root of the problem – we “short circuit,” the chain reaction that causes you to overeat and give in to food cravings.

Does that make sense?  Comment below.


If you are ready to discover your limiting beliefs and how they have held you back – schedule a FREE “Get to Know You Session” today!  

With much love,
Dr. Grant



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