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The Dr. Grant Show

We all struggle with emotional eating, obesity, weight loss, and food addiction at one time or another, but not necessarily because we want to. For those who find themselves struggling in this way Dr. Grant provides a solution through her company Phoenix Six and “The Dr. Grant Show.”

Dr. Grant provides virtual wellness, speaking, and health consulting which helps people identify their emotional eating patterns so they can find the root cause of their food binges.  This is accomplished without “captain obvious” conversations about weight loss and overeating because she knows it isn’t just about calories and willpower!

After losing her mother to obesity, emotional eating, and food addiction, she created The Dr. Grant Show.  The Dr. Grant Show is designed to give viewers easy and practical – yet scientifically based tips on how they can help themselves.  The show covers topics which range from sound baths, sound therapy, energy psychology (EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Neuroscience, and Epigenetics) fitness, yoga, hypnosis, corporate wellness solutions, cooking classes, and features special guest experts.

Season five of The Dr. Grant Show airs on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook

The show airs Wednesdays & Saturdays at 9:00 am CST!

Dr. Grant has been featured in ABC, Fox, WGN, and NBC.

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