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The Divine EFT Tapping Sound Bath Guide: Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Imagine yourself in a room, sitting quietly as one sound after the other fills the air and washes over you. You feel at peace, energized, and revitalized.

A sound bath is an intentional experience of benefit that brings deep relaxation and rejuvenation to your entire being- body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Sound baths are offered with many benefits including assisting physical healing; releasing stress, depression, and anxiety; calming your nervous system into calmness; deepening one’s sense of connection to something greater than oneself (i.e., friends or even the Divine). This guide will give readers an introduction to what EFT Tapping and sound baths are all about – why they’re so powerful for our well-being.

You will also learn more about “The Divine EFT Tapping Sound Bath” difference!  It isn’t your usual sound bath!

Enjoy your complimentary guide!

Ready to experience your divine sound bath from the comfort of your own home?  We offer “The Divine EFT Tapping Sound Bath” twice a month for groups!  Select the best time that works for you!

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