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Dr. GRANT is a frequently requested motivational and keynote speaker due to her interactive and engaging style.  She believes in not only motivating her audience but providing real step by step instruction and techniques on-site to help attendees improve their health.  After losing her mother to food addiction, she channeled 20 years of higher education industry experience and 10 years of fitness, health, and wellness industry experience into empowering women that struggle with food addiction and symptoms of food addiction such as overeating, food cravings, and emotional eating to achieve better health by providing customized solutions that reprogram the mind. She helps remove mental roadblocks using scientifically proven methods. She features these methods via her show “The Dr. Grant Show,” keynote speaking, corporate training, mentorship, and one-on-one consulting.

Dr. Grant will be releasing her soon to be the best-selling book “The Food Addiction Report.”  In “The Food Addiction Report,” Dr. Grant shares her innovative and groundbreaking research discovery about food addiction.  She shares why many people find it difficult to stop overeating, bingeing, giving in to food cravings, and emotional eating – and offers scientifically-based solutions.  Speaking gives her the opportunity to teach and interact right in the moment with people that need empowerment and release from limiting thoughts that prevent them from reaching their highest potential.  Contact Dr. Grant to discuss hiring her to speak or provide a workshop at your event.

Phone:  312-601-8510