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I teach you how to lose weight – for life!!

Imagine…  Not bingeing, not overeating, and not giving in to your food cravings.  Imagine no more embarrassment.  No more losing the weight and gaining it back.  No more being the heaviest you have ever been.  No more fad diets.  Imagine not starving yourself.  How would it feel to learn how to tap into strength deep inside of yourself so that you are no longer triggered.  Sound fascinating?  Let’s work together to become your own Edible Addiction!!


20 Years In The Making.  First it started with my cousin, then my great-grandmother, finally – my mom.  I saw the bingeing.  I saw depression.  I saw each and every one of these beautiful women’s health decline.  I saw the look on my mother’s face when every doctor would say that my mom just needed to “lose weight” or “show some willpower”.  I saw some doctors not even bother to talk to my mom about her weight – even when she asked.

Every one of these women passed away due to obesity related illnesses.

This is personal. This is more than just an idea – these classes are personal.  When my mother passed away in late 2016 I was devastated.  At the time, I was working on my PhD with plans to complete it and return to higher education.  I had a long history working in academia and had created student success coaching programs & executive coaching programs for university staff that had resulted in more students finishing college than my predecessors.  However, what I discovered with my study changed everything.

I discovered that I could help women that struggled with emotional eating and food addiction symptoms.  Women that experienced challenges such as overeating, bingeing, food cravings, and the sadness and disappointment that came from feeling like they have failed themselves.  Women that were tired of starving themselves throughout the day in order to “cut back” or “be good” only to have their resolve melt when their hunger overtook them and they found themselves eating until they couldn’t eat anymore at night.

These women wanted to break their habit.  They wanted to change – but life often got in the way.

I learned that a simple food plan wasn’t the answer – not for the long term – because the change that these women needed started in the mind.  So, my study worked on the mind.  Reprogramming the mind.  Then it worked on the expectation – then the food.

When I took that approach – women lost weight!!

Let’s help you create the life you want.  This is more than health coaching – more than just a weight loss class.  This is transformation.

Wow, are you excited yet?

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6 Modules

Help You Identify Limiting Beliefs, Control Overeating, Implement Your Customized Goals

"How The Heck Do I Make This?" Video Series

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Customized Nutritious & Tasty Recipe Ideas To Support Your Lifestyle

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12 Weeks of Live Webinar Q&A Sessions Once A Week
  • Review Your Meal Prep Ideas
  • Answer Questions About How To Handle Your Emotional Eating Triggers
  • Facebook Group to Converse With Like Minded Individuals
5 Immersions

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Is this for me?

Depends.  What I offer is not for everyone.  You have to be ready to come as yourself.  Your honest, coachable, and ready to change – self.  So this is for you if…

  • Yes.  If you have been jumping from one diet fad and eating craze to the next and live in constant burnout – with no results.
  • Yes. You want to learn practical methods to identify and remove habits that sabotage your health goals.
  • Yes. You have struggled with your weight since you were a teenager and have never figured out how to have a healthy relationship with food.
  • Yes.  You binge eat for comfort.
  • Yes.  After becoming a mom you gained 50 pounds and are the biggest you have ever been.
  • Yes. If you want to gain clarity about yourself and what is holding you back.
  • Yes. If you want your fire back.  You just want you back.

If you want to find the strength inside of yourself to be in the same room as your tempting foods – and choose to not indulge – this is for you.  Schedule a time to chat HERE.

“Dr Grant changed my view on food, my body, and what I am here on this earth to do. She helped me get in touch with someone that I thought was lost a long time ago”

— Pauline S.

What’s Next?

This. Decide that you want more.

Then this. Contact us to apply!!  We want to see if this is the right fit for you.

Ready? Okay!

The time is now.

You’re ready for this.  You’ve been waiting your entire life for a transformation to your health.  If losing weight were as simple as counting calories or reading one more book – you would have done it by now.  You know there is something more.  This is the more.

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What makes Edible Addiction different from all of the other online courses out there?

Edible Addiction is different for 4 reasons.

First, it is different because it was created based on the only successful scientific study designed to help overweight and obese women that wanted to stop overeating, stop their food cravings, and beat the hold and control that food addiction had on their lives .

Second, it is different because I have almost 20 years experience in higher education.  I have designed college courses and provided coaching to thousands of adult learners.

Third, I have almost 10 years experience running a health and fitness company that has been featured on national television.

Finally, a lot of online courses fail because of a lack of face to face time.  I’ve taken care of that for you by including live face to face coaching time!!  We will have deep & immersive conversations during these coaching sessions to learn about everything that could be blocking your progress.  Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone and connect!!!

Will I be able to keep up with the pace of the course?

Absolutely!!!  The course material is available online for you to refer to AND we hold live webinars once a week to answer any questions you have.  This way you will not get stuck!!  The live webinars will always be recorded so that you can access them later on if you miss them.

Will this have a lot of people in the group?

No.  We want the group to stay an intimate size.  This way, you get the individual and customized attention that you need.

Do I have to sign up for a gym membership?

No.  Only if you want to.  Some study participants lost 20 pounds in four weeks, but we didn’t recommend changing their exercise routine.

Will this take a lot of time?

I know you don’t have a whole lot of time for “one more thing that didn’t work.”  This is why I’ve created these modules to be action packed with clearly defined action steps to implement so you can get on the path to getting results.  You will still have time to take care of yourself and your family.