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Phoenix Six Clinical Sound Bath Certification

Most people don’t realize that they are missing out on a powerful healing modality.

Sound is one of the most important elements in our lives. We hear it all day long, but we rarely pay attention to it or actually tune into how our bodies react to different sounds and frequencies.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about sound healing, including how to play crystal bowls and tuning forks (with practice time included), meditation, breathing techniques, NLP techniques for pain relief such as EFT Tapping (tapping on meridian points while listening to music), Clinical Hypnotherapy for uncovering the sources of chronic pain and conflict in your life (we’ll use this method along with others like NLP which I am certified in). You’ll learn about quantum energy healings using crystals and entrainment, allowing us to tap into universal energies more easily through specific frequencies and vibrations that resonate with each chakra.

Flights of the phoenix are common in mythology for their imagined ability to rise from the ashes. In our times, creativity often emerges from struggles and challenges. I’m so excited for you to think outside yourself today – healing your inner phoenix!

Phoenix Six Clinical Sound Bath Certification is your gateway to the benefits of sound healing and altered states. It’s a comfortable, simple, life-altering course that gives you everything you need to reach enlightenment. Most people will book this class in order to alleviate stress or find peace of mind but end up gaining transformative spiritual transformation. Step into a deep meditation session for complete relaxation with a clinical hypnotist guiding you personally through experiential exercises and guided meditations. Learn how body language communicates feelings without saying a word and how eft tapping affects your physical state on an emotional level. The various chakras in relation have specific meanings that can be combined with specific sound frequencies for added benefit and comfort.


How long? 

Classes meet once a week for two hours every week for six weeks via Zoom.  There are also two private sessions for one hour to answer any questions you would prefer to share in private.


January 2nd, 2022

More details coming soon!  Email: for more information!