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Can We Talk About Money & Food Addiction?

Motivational post of the day about money and food addiction. It is safe for me to make money.

Can we talk about money and food addiction for a minute?

Money is an odd and interesting thing – or at least shall I say people’s relationship with money.

According to scientific studies, people stress about money 80% of the time – and this was before the Coronavirus pandemic.

Stress about money can “sneak up” on us in many ways if we aren’t careful.

For example,

Job trouble – translates into loss of money.

For my entrepreneurs that are worried about their businesses and WHY the heck isn’t it making more money – translates into feelings of worthiness, competency, AND loss of money.

Treating yourself to something – translates into feelings of worthiness AND loss of money.

Purchasing healthier food – translates into feelings of worthiness AND should I spend the money BECAUSE I might waste the money.

Are you beginning to see a pattern yet?

Money, and our attitude towards money is often a direct reflection of how we see ourselves.

Do you see yourself as being enough?

Do you see yourself as being worthy of making that purchase – JUST for YOU?  *Ahem* Moms I’m looking at you on this one.

Often our “money imprint” happened when we were younger.

We may have heard our parents talking about money.

We may have had family members and friends tell us it was wrong to want certain things or to aspire to live in certain places.  Drive certain cars.  Work in certain professions.

Sooo, what does all of this “money talk” have to do with food addiction?

Or overeating?  Or giving into food cravings?


You see, the stress from how you look at the world.

The stress from WANTING the things that you want – and not seeing HOW to get there causes an “energetic ripple” effect.

As you focus on WHY you don’t have the money – your problem – and your stress grow bigger and bigger.

Until your brain finds a way to calm you down.

For many women that don’t have the tools that they need – this turns into a food craving.  This food craving then turns into a binge session and overeating.

What if you had the tools that you needed?

No matter what time of day it was?

Tools that helped you see more clearly when money thoughts or thoughts of “not enough” begin to creep in.

There’s a reason why you want what you want.  It is what you were meant to have.  You were meant for more.  You just need the tools to show your mind (and your emotions) how to stay “in the zone.”  When you join us at Edible Addiction and learn the Phoenix Six Method you will experience massive shifts in your thinking.  Which will cause major shifts in your actions (and your appetite).  You will learn how to uncover what’s blocking you and work to bring it into your reality.

If this sounds like what’s missing – then we should have a conversation.

With Much Love,
Dr. Kirsten Grant

Health & Weight Loss Consultant

Creator of


For those of you that don’t know me: After mother passed away in 2016 due to food addiction, I created the first ONLINE successful scientific study that empowered plus size women learn to control, food cravings, overeating and food addiction using my proven and simple Phoenix Six Method to reprogram the mind.




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