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Let’s Talk Limiting Beliefs & Weight Loss

Lately I’ve been studying and getting certified as a hypnotherapist to make it easier for people to lose weight and control food addiction and I’ve been discovering some amazing tools!!

Did you know that our beliefs color our perception of everything – especially weight loss and overcoming food addiction???

For example, do you believe/tell yourself that you are “fat”, “big boned”, or “extra cushion for the pushin”?πŸ˜‰

Even if you joke about it, your subconscious mind embraces what you say.😬

Your subconscious mind will also embrace the weight (and the habits that put the weight there) that you are saying you want to lose.

Because weight loss and overcoming food addiction symptoms (overeating, food binges, food cravings, and emotional eating) is rooted in your beliefs. How you see yourself. How you see the food that you choose to eat.

Watch the language and the self talk that you tell yourself. Your belief about weight loss and food addiction creates thoughts of “I’m not enough” or “I can’t resist certain foods.” This belief and perception will color your outlook on everything you attempt. Every “diet.” Every workout. Every “I’m not going to eat xxx anymore.”

The result – without the proper tools to help your subconscious put a “pause” on your beliefs you wind up struggling to lose weight or stop giving into your food cravings.

Belief β†’ Perception β†’ Habit β†’ Result

So, what is YOUR biggest belief about weight loss?

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