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I Wish That Food Addiction Was A Myth

Researchers have found that food addiction is not a matter of simply exercising willpower. In clinical studies, people that have suffered from food addiction experienced emotional changes that have ranged from impulsivity, stress, anxiety, and depression

I WISH that food addiction was a myth.

I WISH that those people that tell me that “you need food to survive so you CAN’T be addicted to food” – were wrong.  Then I could just say that my mother died because she just “couldn’t control herself.” That she chose to not hear the “wake up call” after an ENTIRE flight couldn’t leave for 30 minutes off of the runway until they found a seat belt extender that actually fit (30 years ago seat belt extenders weren’t that common).

I WISH I could say that my mother didn’t know about the latest diet.  In fact – she knew EVERY LAST ONE.

What I CAN say is that I AM the daughter of a food addict and I struggle with what’s in my DNA every day.  I struggled so hard throughout my life and lived in so much fear of food addiction and the choices that it drives you towards that over 20 years ago I TRIED to “catch” anorexia (I discovered that it couldn’t be “caught”).

What I CAN tell you is that food addiction is REAL.  The symptoms (overeating, bingeing, food cravings, emotional eating) – are SO real.  What I CAN tell you is that it is so real that thousands of scientific studies (in addition to my own) have done deep dives into this topic.  I can also tell you that all food addicts are NOT OBESE.

I can ALSO tell you that there are certain questions that can be asked to learn more about how strong food addiction symptoms are.  I CAN also tell you that although it devastated me to lose my mother to food addiction – I dedicated my life to empowering women using psychology to reprogram the mind.

Finally, I CAN tell you that my mother DID NOT die in vain because for as long as I live I will continue to empower EVERYONE that I can so that they can live the life that they deserve – and not settle for a shadow of what they could have been.  Drop a heart in the comments below if you can relate and understand.

With much love,

Dr. Kirsten Grant

Founder of Phoenix Six

Creator of


The creator of the ONLY successful online scientific study that empowered plus size food addicted women to control the urge to give into food cravings, overeat, binge, and emotional eating using psychology to reprogram the mind.

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