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4 Little Known Ways to Prevent Food Binges

4 Little Known Ways to Prevent Food Binges

This Week’s Facebook Live Health Topic:
4 Little Known Ways to Prevent Food Binges!

How often have you found yourself saying these words – “I’m so ashamed – I binge on food so much and to top it off I hide my food so that my kids will not find it.”


I was doing SOO good – no food binges for weeks. I thought I had beat this. Then things get stressful at work and then I go for what’s fast and easy. I wish I had more self-control.

If you have – then you are not alone.

If you want to learn how to get back on track – this week’s Facebook Live was designed for you.

It all starts with your mind and the thoughts that you think. So, let’s talk about what our “internal dialogue” is – and how to change it to get you the results that YOU want!!!

With Much Love

Dr Kirsten Grant
Transformational Health Coach “Creator of the 1st successful nationwide food addiction study that helped plus size women!!!



  1. BrianShare says:

    Love the website– extremely individual friendly and lots to see!

    1. Dr. Grant says:

      Thank you so much!!

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