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The Dr. Grant Show: Foods That Put You In A Good Mood Part 2 – Honey Tequila Lime Salmon

The Dr Grant Show

Foods That Put You A Good Mood Part 2 – Honey Tequila Lime Salmon

Welcome to The Dr. Grant Show!

Ladies!! Are you looking for a one and done go to item?  Something you can cook and use in various meals?

Would it be even cooler if it kept you full for hours?
Consider your wish granted!
I want to introduce you to a new way to live – allow me to introduce Honey Tequila Lime Salmon!! This is not just any salmon dish!
This is salmon made with a special ingredient – hot honey! “What is hot honey” you say?  Just the best way to make almost any food taste like a magical unicorn cuddled up to your taste buds and gave them a smooch!

In this video, I show you step by step how to make this dish – take a look! The hot honey we used was @mikeshothoney – soo yummy 😋. BTW.  Dishes like this are made LIVE in the weekly cooking show segment of the Edible Addiction!
In I will guide you through the Phoenix Six Method, the only successful scientifically based program that has empowered plus size food addicted women AND women that overeat, are emotional eaters, and that give in to food cravings to reprogram their brains 🧠 so that they can get healthier – losing weight is just a happy side effect!

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With Much Love,
Dr. Kirsten Grant

Health & Weight Loss Consultant

Creator of


For those of you that don’t know me: After mother passed away in 2016 due to food addiction, I created the first ONLINE successful scientific study that empowered plus size women learn to control, food cravings, overeating and food addiction using my proven and simple Phoenix Six Method to reprogram the mind.



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