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The Dr. Grant Show – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Prevent Binges

How to prevent food binges

The Dr Grant Show

Welcome to The Dr. Grant Show!

Ever feel the “before you binge” feeling?

Kind of like a “pre-binge” feeling BEFORE the food craving and everything else that follows afterwards?

That “pre-binge” feeling can be the worst feeling in the world because for many women that binge and overeat, that pre-binge feeling feels like they are being sucked into a “black hole.”  A black hole that they have no way to reverse nor pull back from.  Before they know it, they are eating, and eating, and eating.

Today, I’m going to share with you five questions to ask yourself “pre-binge.”

So that you can catch yourself before you fall down the “binge rabbit hole.”

Take a listen and share with anyone else that you feel needs help preventing binges.

Also, if after listening to this you are ready to take action – there is a reason – it’s your body telling you that it’s time to do something different.  I developed the Phoenix Six Method to empower women that suffer from food addiction and food addiction symptoms such as overeating, bingeing, emotional eating, and food cravings.  It is a 6-month group coaching and mentoring program that will help give you the tools that you need to overcome life challenges so that you can transform your life.  I can’t wait to help you get healthier using a scientifically proven method, and for you to get my support and guidance EVERY step of the way!

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With Much Love,
Dr. Kirsten Grant

Health & Weight Loss Consultant

Creator of


For those of you that don’t know me: After mother passed away in 2016 due to food addiction, I created the first ONLINE successful scientific study that empowered plus size women learn to control, food cravings, overeating and food addiction using my proven and simple Phoenix Six Method to reprogram the mind.



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