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Join Us MONTHLY FOR Our Divine EFT Tapping Group Sound Bath!

We all know that emotional eating is a problem, but it’s hard to break the cycle.

The first step in healing yourself from the inside out is to identify what your triggers are.

Join us for our Divine EFT Tapping Group Sound Bath on October 30th at 6 pm CST! This class will help you heal your relationship with food and learn how to deal with negative emotions without turning to food as an outlet. You’ll leave this class feeling lighter, clearer, and more grounded in yourself – ready for whatever life throws your way!

Benefits include:

  • The duration of the session lasts 90 minutes, which helps you get in a focus to do things that matter in your life.
  • Create a safe space for you to explore your options
  • Stress relief, relaxation, and feeling much better about yourself
  • Uncover hidden reasons for binges so that you can stop overeating
  • Heal more deeply, faster with the power of sound
  • Find peace in yourself and reconnection with spirit
  • Divine EFT Tapping Sound Bath can be used as a tool for meditation
  • Restored health within minutes of working through an issue
  • They are cost-effective and convenient to use
  • Accessible and convenient
  • No need for travel
  • No more isolation

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