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Delicious 7 Minute Ramen Noodles!!!

7 Minute Meal: Ramen Noodles

Healthy Ramen Bowl

Seven minute meal today!!! The key to this meal is to have a meat and a veggie already prepared.

About three weeks ago, I was admitted to the emergency room because of a kidney stone attack. If you are unfamiliar with the pain level of a kidney stone attack, the only way to stop the pain is with a morphine drip.

I haven’t had a kidney stone attack for over 20 years because I changed my diet by removing a lot of dairy. I don’t drink milk – but I do love cheese. So, I’ve drastically reduced the amount of cheese for years. Since kidney stones form over time, it means – especially for those that are predisposed like myself (thanks dad) – it means that this was my body’s way of saying I needed to dial back the cheese again.

Have you ever had a major health scare? If you have, it is your body’s way of saying it needs you to refocus your energy to foods that help it thrive.

Sooo, I took a step back and went back to basics. Concentrate on flavor and less relying on cheese for that kick of flavor. If you seek the same thing, making ramen bowls are great. Make the ramen (make sure it is free of MSG). Add you favorite meat and vegetable. Delicious meal in 7 minutes!!


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