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Mentorship: Group Health Coaching

Control Food Addiction, Overeating, & Binges By Reprogramming Your Brain


Congratulations!!  You have joined a community of great and supportive people that are unique.  They realized that there was something MORE out there than calorie counting and slaving for hours at the gym.  Losing weight and gaining it back.

I will help you lose weight and give you tools to learn to control food addiction symptoms (overeating, food cravings, bingeing, and emotional eating).  This is based off of my successful scientific study that helped plus size women lose almost 20 lbs in less than 6 weeks!  The reason why this program is successful is that it is tailor made by you and just for you + group support + online workout suggestions!

After designing the curriculum for online and “brick and mortar” colleges and universities – I began to notice a few things missing from education in a “group setting” – one-on-one time.

So, I designed this coaching program to include not only the group coaching (so that you get the additional support and are surrounded by positive people), but also the “one-on-one” time that you need.  This will not only give you the “push” that you need, but give you the privacy to discuss things that you may not feel comfortable or are ready to discuss in front of a group that you need as well.

Here’s What Is Included In The Program!

  • Monthly 1 hour “one-on-one immersion” health coaching calls to set and reach your goals for 6 months
  • Instant access to 6 modules
  • Access to all videos & downloads
  • Unlimited updates & support for 6 months
  • Facebook group
  • Live “Ask Me Anything” webinar Q&A once a week for six months
  • “How The Heck Do I Make This” weekly video cooking demonstrations

With Much Love,

Dr. Kirsten Grant
Health and Weight Loss Consultant
Certified in Life, Weight Loss, Health Coaching, and Personal Training
Trained in Hypnotherapy, EFT, and Neurolinguistic Programming to Reprogram The Brain
Creator of
Phoenix Six, LLC
(312) 601-8510