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FREE “Get to Know You” Session

FREE Get to Know You Session!

Hello and Congratulations!!

Imagine discovering limiting beliefs that you didn’t even know that have held you back from your goals to get healthier.

What would it feel like to talk to someone and in 30 minutes zero in on the REAL problem and achieve clarity on what your next steps should be?  When was the last time you had a REAL conversation with someone that immersed themselves in YOU and your life?  A person who immerses themselves so that you can find SOLUTIONS that books, friends, family, and watching tons of free videos on YouTube haven’t answered.  I know what you are thinking because I’ve been there…

  • Why do I keep giving into food cravings?
  • I eat healthy most of the time – but why do I keep sabotaging myself?
  • Why can’t I stop overeating or bingeing?

Want to know why?

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Dr. Kirsten Grant
Health, Food Addiction, Obesity, and Weight Loss Expert
Certified in Life, Weight Loss, Health Coaching, Yoga, and Personal Training
Trained in Hypnotherapy, EFT, and Neurolinguistic Programming to Reprogram The Brain
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Phoenix Six, LLC
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