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One-On-One Health Coaching

Control Food Addiction, Overeating, & Binges By Reprogramming Your Brain

Working together one-on-one I will help you and give you tools to learn to control food addiction symptoms (overeating, food cravings, bingeing, and emotional eating).  This is based off of my successful scientific study that helped plus size women lose almost 20 lbs in less than 6 weeks!  The reason why this program is successful is that it is tailor made by you and just for you + group support + online personal training and workout suggestions!

Over The Course of 6 Months We Will Cover

  • 6 Modules That Will Help You Identify & Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Control Overeating, Implement Your Customized Goals by Reprogramming Your Brain
  • “How the Heck Do I Make This?” Weekly Video Series
  • Customized Nutritious & Tasty Recipe Ideas to Support Your Lifestyle
  • E-Mail & Text Access to Me to Make Sure You Don’t Get Stuck & To Help You Keep Your Momentum
  • 6 Months of Live Group Webinar Video Q&A Sessions Once A Week
  • Review Your Meal Prep Ideas
  • Answer Questions About How to Handle Your Emotional Eating Triggers
  • Facebook Group to Converse with Like Minded Individuals
  • Weekly Immersions Sessions – Video or Phone Chat (One on One Deep Dive Conversations to Help You Remove Your Blocks to Success)
  • Online group fitness classes to help you reach your fitness goals

With Much Love,

Dr. Kirsten Grant
Health & Weight Loss Consultant
Certified in Life, Weight Loss, Health Coaching, Yoga, and Personal Training
Trained in Hypnotherapy, EFT, and Neurolinguistic Programming to Reprogram The Brain
Creator of
Phoenix Six, LLC
(312) 601-8510